SASA Testimonials

"Dear Sir, Thank you for your impactful and highly stimulating session you gave us "On Winning" in our Atlanta Georgia offices yesterday. I'm happy to say our Sales team are fired up and ready to take on the world, as you said- "The world is our Oyster". Thank you once again and wishing you a safe strip back to Lagos "


"Dear Sesan, The 9th of June seminar was the best Saturday I've had in a long time. I came to learn how I could conduct The Kanu Heart Foundation in a Professional way and move it on to the next level. What I have learnt has definitely been positive, I read and study the Additional Material you gave us every day. Can’t wait for your next seminar! Thank you once again"

Shola Kanu Heart Foundation - UK

"Over the past 6 months Sesan, you have managed to educate me and reach me in ways I hopefully one day can reach others; I have gained and harnessed new skills some I have put to practice already, only to find them extremely useful and effective. I want to emphatically thank you for all your efforts and you should know I look forward to working with you in the future to maximize my opportunities at achieving my objectives and goals in life. Once again showing tremendous and humbling gratitude."

Edgard Paredes, PFR Washington Mutual Bank - USA

"Dear Sir, I do hope you are enjoying your vacation already? I wish you a pleasant holiday. I had the best 2 days of my life since graduation 7 years ago and it’s all thanks to you. I trained my branch this morning and was glad I made an impact because as humans we need a little push to realise our strengths. Please remember the book list I asked for it will be of a great help to me. Finally, I look forward to flying first class with you in no distant time because I am on my way to becoming a Top Boy"

Majiro Gerald Emeofa - NG

"Thank you very much for the amazing coaching sessions and results, getting to Paris, sorting out relationships, creating the vision for my ideal life and the courage to do what has to be done. Hopefully my graduation from the Coaching Academy will also follow shortly. Keep up the good work and have all the peace, joy and love and fulfilment that you deserve."

Elizabeth, Latvia, - EU

"Exceptional... They offer a different and intuitive content/consulting service on current business trends and global best practices. I had a WOW experience and I can see not just feel the impact."

Otabor Peter - NG

"Well...i looked forward to attending the training Superior Customer Service Excellence like any other training my organization sends me to. Unknown to me, this was going change my entire view about customer service. We travel out and we see a different level of customer service offered and i wonder how we will ever get it right here. Well, guess what? Universal Anchor Ltd trains individuals, organizations on that same customer service quality offered in the western world!!! i have been bitten by this bug and i will spread the word about it."

Uduakobong Ekwere - NG

"Anchor International Consultants, I wish you every success in the exciting months ahead."

Brian Tracy CEO BTI, - USA

"WOW!! Phenomenal, smooth, suave, sophisticated, public speaking as it should be done. It is a joy to work with Sesan; he is a speaker’s speaker, professional to the core and most of all great fun."

Cynthia CEO Life Success TV - UK

"WOW!! Phenomenal, smooth, suave, sophisticated, public speaking as it should be done. It is a joy to work with Sesan; he is a speaker’s speaker, professional to the core and most of all great fun."

Cynthia CEO Life Success TV - UK

"Sir, I just want to thank you for the privilege of being trained by you. The training has affected my life in a positive way. I learnt more from the life experiences you shared and I will never forget them. I am proud and privileged to say that you are my first role model."

Anne Angel - NG

"I want to commend you on your training held at our Zenith Bank office. It was refreshing and invigorating. It is a privilege to have been part of your training Sir, I pray that God willing I shall be fortunate to witness many more."

Muna Zubair - NG

"The seminar "Create the life you deserve and desire" was simply mind blowing- in fact, too good to be true! I know I will never miss any upcoming seminar that Sesan will hold."

Hanieh Chehrehnegary - UK

"I wish to thank you for the wonderful way you coached me last Saturday, at the White House Hotel and brought out the best in me. Your presentation without notes was clear, fluid, full of humour and above all stress free. I learnt a lot and with you I can confidently say that "I came, I heard and I was inspired. Thank you for having time to write words of encouragement for my son Zimuzo who wanted to attend the seminar after watching you on BEN TV with me but could not because of his school engagement. He really appreciated those uplifting words."

Chibueze Obi, Reading Berkshire - UK